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Body Therapy

Relax, rejuvenate and restore...

Treat yourself from top to toe at the 4* Abbey Spa

Body Spa Treatments

Our blissful body treatments are just what you need. Take a look at the full range of body massages, wraps  and therapies you can enjoy at the Abbey Spa.

Side by side spa treatments available in our dual treatment spa treatment room.

To book any of our body therapy spa treatments please call 01527 406600 or email

Body Massage

Elemis Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage – 55 minutes £58.00 | 25 minutes £40.00 

Your therapist will select an aromatic oil according to your concerns, they be muscle pain, stress relief, relaxation or balance.  The flowing massage works deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation.

Elemis Couture Touch – 60 minutes £70.00 | 90 minutes £88.00 | 120 minutes £110.00

Condition your skin and muscles with this all-embracing experience.  Choose your own combination of ELEMIS hands-on TOUCH facial with your personalised Freestyle deep tissue massage or let your ELEMIS therapist personally prescribe the perfect treatment to work with your skin, mood and your needs.

Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage – 25 minutes £35.00 

Works in the areas prone to stress to induce relaxation.

Swedish Full Body Massage – 55 minutes £55.00

Relax with a full body massage to ease tension and promote wellness.

Body Scrubs

Natural Spa Full Body Salt Scrub – 45 Minutes £35.00

Bored of shower gel? Why not treat yourself to one of our customized body scrubs that will awaken dull and tired skin and leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated, choose from either:

Lime and Lemon Grass Salt Scrub –  The fresh lime and zesty lemon notes in this gorgeous scrub make it the perfect pre-cocktails pick-me-up.

Strawberry and Cream Salt Scrub – The sweet and delicate aroma of this strawberry cream salt scrub make it the perfect preparatory treatment for beautiful, glowing skin. Almost good enough to eat – but please try not to!

ELEMIS Body: Energy Boosting & Musclease – Coming Soon

ELEMIS Hot Mineral Body Boost – 55 minutes – £60.00

This powerful treatment stimulates every cell in the body, helping alleviate muscular pain and remove toxins. This is a revolutionary, minerally-charged experience of skin conditioning, metabolic balancing and energizing wellness.

ELEMIS Poultice Powered Muscle Release – 55 minutes £70.00

Sore, aching muscles are worked away with this invigorating and deeply releasing treatment. Each area of tension is specifically targeted with the unique Amber and Quartz poultice to dissolve knots and ease tensions. Completed with a restorative facial massage, tension is dissolved.

ELEMIS Garden of England Rose Restore – 55 minutes £60.00

A lavishly hydrating body massage. The unique trio of rose, camellia and poppy seed oils maintain and restore elasticity, whilst encouraging skin renewal. The skin is anointed with nourishing oils whilst a nurturing Rose balm and bespoke massage comfort the skin, and ground the spirit. Skin is left exquisitely moisturised, intensely supple and deliciously scented.

To book any of our body therapy spa treatments please call 01527 406600 or email 

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