gym-redditch Get Fit for Summer in our new Gym

Transforming Your Workout

Discover our brand new gym – Peak Gym & Spa

New to the Abbey Health Club comes a fresh look to your workout experience. Our new gym will be renamed Peak Gym & Spa and will be completely transformed, featuring all new Matrix equipment with brand new virtual active workout transporting you to exotic locations all over the world.


Our New Kit..

Our new gym will have all new Matrix equipment, one of the world’s finest fitness equipment. Matrix equipment provides smooth, stable, natural movement that will make every workout comfortable and efficient. With amazing Virtual Active software, the technology will allow you to choose where in the world you would like to run, hike, bike or climb. Experience an exhilarating journey to the top of natural and man-made wonders of the world, this really is one of the industry’s very best screen technology.

We’re so excited to announce we will have the Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer in our new gym. An exciting multi-purpose fitness machine that helps athletes refine their form while building power, endurance and agility. This self-powered fitness machine looks similar to a treadmill but is far more versatile, giving the benefits of exercise with a motorless treadmill, a simulated sled, resistance parachutes and a harness system.

Adding to our list of our exciting equipment is the Matrix ClimbMill, the most authentic stair-climbing workout on the market. Take climbing out of the gym with the amazing Landmark technology to accompany this machine, allowing users to scale 11 of the most famous buildings, monuments and wonders of the world.

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