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Hypnotherapy Birmingham

Hypnotherapy Birmingham Hypnotherapy Redditch


Hynotheraphy is now available at the 4 star Abbey Hotel, Golf & Spa in Redditch, South Birmingham.

Relax, revitalise, restore...

Hypnotheraphy Explained

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a enhanced relaxed state of mind, that allows the subconscious to be an effective tool of open communication with the conscious mind. Have you ever day dreamed or lost in thought? that is a form of trance identical to Hypnosis

What is hypnotheraphy?

Hypnotherapy is a way of making natural positive changes in a relaxed responsive state, utilizing positive yet natural suggestions the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is unique to the client

Will I be in control?

Yes absolutely. You will be fully conscious of your surroundings and aware of the hynotherapist's voice guiding you.

What can I expect?

Following an initial discussion relating to what client would like to change; the hynotherapist will ask specific questions to get an accurate picture relating to background information. This helps to allow client to become relaxed and comfortable and also discuss the desired behaviour change and outcome. Hypnotherapy is always in a relaxed environment that allows the client to feel safe and familiar. The hypnotherapist will then decide on the number of sessions required - each client's needs are individual - although this may change depending on how quickly the client responds.

Can anyone be hypnotised? 

Yes they can. Once people are open to the idea and are committed to change, they respond readily, with many saying they look forward to their next session as it is the most relaxed they have ever felt. Portfolio of work can be shown upon request

Hypnotherapy is available at the Abbey Hotel in Redditch, South Birmingham at a cost of £60.00 - 20% off the normal price.

For further information please download a Hynotheraphy leaflet here

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Hypnotherapy Birmingham Hypnotherapy Redditch

For more information about Hypnotherapy Birmingham Hypnotherapy Redditch please contact us on 01527 406 600 or email us at leisure@theabbeyhotel.co.uk.

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Hypnotherapy Birmingham